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There is of great importance to test the air tightness in your home. Whether you are aware or not, it is important to have it tested by trusted insulation and sound testing professionals. Air tightness testing establishes the rate at which air leaks out of a building. To determine this rate, you will need the right air testing company. You can be sure of receiving these thorough and professional services with Site Sound.

Site Sound is made up of highly qualified professionals with many years of hands on experience and understanding. Their aim is to offer you a great service and assist you with supplying accurate results.

If you’re a building contractor, then you’ll be aware of the importance of air testing. Achieving improved air tightness is a key factor in meeting the government’s targets for reduced carbon emissions and improved energy efficiency. With Site Sound we can guarantee you will receive the result on site and immediately after the test. If it has unfortunately failed don’t panic, we’ll help you further by supplying our expert knowledge. In most cases we can cure the problem in the same day!

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